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Personalized and Embroidered Gifts for Children

Personalized gifts for children are always welcome. With our lovely gifts for children and toddlers and extensive embroidery designs you can create a perfect personalized gift. Whatever the occasion, we have fun personalized children's aprons, birthday party pillowcases, personalized towels for children, and much more. Give your child a unique gift with that special touch, delight in the joy of hearing "I love it ... its got MY name on it!"

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Personalized Children's Bathrobes and Wraps

Personalized embroidered child bathrobe
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  • Deluxe Terry Child Bath Robes and Wraps
  • 100% cotton terry velour
  • Sizes from toddler coverup on up through adult bathrobe
  • Matching CoverUps and Bathrobes for the whole family makes a great holiday gift
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  • Children's Bath Towels
  • 100% cotton
  • Perfect setting for our darling children's embroidery designs, so you can customize just for your child
  • Personalized towels make great custom gifts for children, you can always keep the towels straight!

Children's Personalized Bath Towels

Personalized embroidered towels
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Crayola Denim Doodle Pad Tote

Crayola Doodle Pad Tote
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  • Crayola Denim Doodle Pad Tote
  • These Crayola Doodle Pads make the PERFECT gift and are such a hit at Birthday Parties!
  • ach Doodle Pad comes complete with 24 Crayola Crayons, 12 Chalk, a convenient sized drawing pad of paper and a chalk board with eraser.
  • Great for travel, taking to restaurants or for keeping in your car
  • Personalization of one name is included
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  • Personalized Keepsake Pillow Cases
  • A welcome gift for children of every age, even teenagers!
  • Pillowcase is personalized by Initial Impressions, and then by the recipient's friends or heros
  • A useful personalized gift, our personalized pillowcases will coordinate with any child's decor and be a cherished memento in the future

Personalized Child's Keepsake Pillowcases

keepsake pillowcase
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Personalized Children's Art and Kitchen Aprons

custom embroidered childrens aprons
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  • Art and Kitchen Aprons
  • Many children's apron options from which to choose, add a custom personalized embroidery design and you'll have a one-of-a-kind gift!
  • Coordinating Adult aprons also available
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  • Monogrammed Sheet Sets
  • Top quality sheet sets make a great kid's gift when personalized with fun children's design options
  • Give a gift that's thoughtful and practical
  • It's just more fun to make the bed with personalized sheets

Children's Monogrammed Sheet Sets

Personalized embroidered children's sheet sets make a great gift
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Embroidered Waffleweave Child's Carry Bag

child's carry bag
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  • Personalized Waffleweave Child's Carry Bag
  • Intended as functional cosmetic bags, we found these sacks make wonderful personalized gifts for children.
  • Great for travel, and for every day. As a bonus, they are adult cosmetic bags so they could remain in use for years
  • For now consider them for storing building toys, ballet slippers and bun-making supplies, doll clothes, or art supplies, you're limited only by your needs and imagination!
  • Lined in nylon, including the pockets, it is easily machine washable
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