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Embroidered and Personalized Graduation Gifts

Looking for unique graduation gifts? A personalized embroidered graduation gift is just the thing to help the new grad prepare for a future of opportunities. There are many beautiful and useful embroidered graduation gift ideas here, take a look around or contact Peg with your custom idea! Consider our College and High School embroidery designs, which can be customized for your graduate.

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Personalized Laundry Bag

Personalized embroidered laundry bag for new grads
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  • Personalized Embroidered Laundry Bag
  • Whether he's heading off to college, or she's got her first apartment in a new big city, a laundry bag is essential. Why not personalize it to make her smile, to remind him of home, during those quiet moments waiting for the dryer?
  • We offer denim for a casual look, or a nylon backpack for a longer trip to the laundromat
  • Prepare your graduate with a gift that is useful and personal
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  • Personalized Cotton Terry Towels
  • Towels are less likely to be "borrowed" by roommates when personalized - there is no ambiguity!
  • Great way to celebrate an achievement, and remember the fun times in clubs and sports
  • Contact Peg for sorority and fraternity embroidery
  • See more bath towels which can be custom personalized

Embroidered Towels

Personalized embroidered graduation gift
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Personalized Stadium/Picnic Blanket

Personalized embroidered graduation blanket gift
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  • Personalized Stadium or Dorm Blanket
  • Select a blanket in high school or college colors embroidered with name or initials and date of graduation
  • Personalize her sorority blanket with her name, the sorority's name, and their flower (if we don't have it we can get it)
  • See more throw blankets which can be custom personalized
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  • Personalized Tri-Fold Golf Towel
  • Remind your college grad he's made it with a personalized golf towel
  • Personalize with his graduation year, his fraternity letters, or just a simple monogram

Embroidered Golf Towel

Personalized embroidered graduation gift
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