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Embroidered Wedding Gown, Tuxedo and Tie Labels

The small things add up to make your big day the most beautiful day ever. With custom embroidery from Initial Impressions your wedding will be one of a kind. These personalized labels add a simple, elegant and personalized touch. Photographers love them, couples love them, and they make a fabulous shower gift. These labels have many uses and we offer a photographic gallery of the labels to help with your creativity. A note about the personalization: it is traditional for the bride to use her maiden name initials since she is not married yet when she puts on her gown. But we do offer labels with bride's and groom's name used together and others that utilize both their initials.

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  • Personalized Embroidered Patch Style Wedding Labels
  • Personalize your dream dress with a custom label for your wedding
  • Available in bridal satin or beautiful silk
  • Embroider in blue for your something blue, or use your wedding colors
  • Wedding dress label could also be appliqued to photoalbums or used on your bouquet, corner of the table cloth on the gift table or a miriad of other uses
  • This was the first of our wedding gown labels and still holds the record for the most popular.

Personalized Embroidered Patch Style Wedding Dress Labels

patch style wedding labels
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Personalized Fancy Labels with Created Lace

created lace wedding labels
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  • Personalized Created Lace Wedding Gown Labels
  • The most fancy of our wedding labels, these labels have edge detailing that is made in the embroidery machine.
  • Some of the labels are adorned with edge lace and others have heirloom cutwork
  • A delightful addition to a special dress and can be a touch of lace for a laceless dress
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  • Personalized Embroidered Ribbon Style Wedding Label
  • A collection of labels created on grosgrain and satin ribbons
  • The original of these labels was even featured in Real Simple Weddings (January 2010 issue), these are the rage.
  • Some feature simple embroidery.
  • Others are more elaborate
  • We have wide ribbons, narrow ribbons and long ribbons for the wedding gown skirt or train
  • Initial Impressions is happy to exactly match your wedding colors

Personalized Ribbon Style Wedding Labels

ribbon style wedding labels
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Personalized Embroidered Anniversary Label

Gold Anniversary Label
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  • Personalized Label for 25th or 50th Anniversary
  • These are designed to commemorate a special anniversary, but they are also stunning on a wedding gown that has gold embroidery.
  • We can customize the colors of the alternating concentric oval to suit your needs. It is shown here in gold and silver. We can do gold/white, silver/white or any combination you desire.
  • Please contact Peg with your custom ideas!
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