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Personalized Kitchen Accessories

These personalized kitchen accessories make fabulous hostess and holiday gifts. There is nothing better than arriving at the party with a gift to make the hostess smile. Here it is all about presentation

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    Portable Pyrex Complete Set
  • Engraved and embroidered set of Pyrex casserole, carrying case, cover and cold/hot pack.
  • This wonderful four piece set will let you arrive in style and make sure your potluck containers will make it back to your house even if it is on a different day.
  • The Pyrex dish is engraved with your last name or initials.
  • The insulated zippered carrier is embroidered on the handles with a last name or initials
  • This set comes complete with a Pyrex cover for the casserole and a reusable heat/cold pack made especially for this set by Pyrex.
  • Additional engraved Pyrex casseroles are available.
  • This set makes a fabulous wedding or shower gift

Portable Pyrex Complete Set

portable pyrex
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Personalized Casserole Carrier

casserole carrier
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  • Personalized Casserole Carrier
  • A personalized carrier for her existing bakeware
  • Pretty, practical and personalized too
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  • Personalized Festive Wine Bag
  • Your choice of soap or soap plus matching embroidered fingertip towel as a set
  • Handcrafted by our partners in the Green Mountains of Vermont
  • Triple Milled, 100% vegetable-based soaps
  • This soap weighs a generous 4.5 ounces
  • Luxurious lather and gentle clean scent
  • Elegant natural creamy white color
  • Made in America!

Personalized Playful Wine Bag

wine bag
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Personalized Wine Koozies

personalized wine koozies
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  • Personalized Wine Koozies
  • These Wine Koozies are great for taking to the beach, picnics and make wonderful hostess gifts. Neoprene keeps wine cool, velcro strip makes it easy to fit on most wine bottles
  • Choose from 6 fun and fabulous prints and arrive at the party with a fun gift.
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    Linen Wine and Champagne Wrap
  • These pretty champagne and wine wraps are so special to celebrate any special occasion - a wedding, an anniversary, a birth, a baptism or bris, a new home, retirement.
  • Each year at the anniversary, a new custom of a pretty bottle of champagne wrapped in the original embroidered wrap will be a sweet way to relive the event.
  • It is a little gift, but a thoughtful one - and chances are, they will not receive duplicates of them unless you order more than one!

Elegant Personalized Linen Wine and Champagne Wrap

linen wine wrap
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Personalized Wine Apron Set

wine apron
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  • Personalized Wine Apron Set
  • Bonjour Monsieur!
  • This clever wine bottle apron sports a chefs hat!
  • Made of 100% cotton the apron is approx 6" wide x 5 1/2" tall. It measures approx 7 1/2" from the top of the "neck" strap to the bottom of the apron.
  • Ribbon ties in back.
  • The chef's hat tops it off!
  • A fun addition to the nice bottle of wine you bring to the party - sure to get comments
  • Cheers!
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    Sporty Wine Envelope
  • These colorful wine envelopes can be customized with a holiday design, birthday design, something to commemorate a new home, or the sky is the limit.
  • Or you can just embroider with the recipient's name, or "Love from me"
  • However you do it, It just helps your wine gift arrive in style!
  • Each side is 15 high x 5.25 wide.
  • So this Insulator/cooler will fit a bottle as large as 10.5 around

Sporty Wine Envelope

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